Broiler Farms

Integration Farm With High Tech Surveillance System

The surveillance system adopted in our breeder farms is also used in our integration farms. Before the arrival of chicks, the sheds are sprayed with the same sterilant used in our breeder farm and the efficacy is confirmed by agar plate exposure which should show no bacterial growth. The drinking water is sanitized with the same sanitizer used in our breeder farm and the water is also checked for microbial contamination which should show nil pathogen content, only then the chicks are placed in the integration farm. Similar to the breeder farm we have our own disease diagnostic laboratory at Mangalore to assist in our disease monitoring of the integration farm.



Right Feeds to Meet the Standards

Chicks from the day 1 is fed with our own crumble/pellet feed manufactured in our own state of art feed mill. The feed is well balanced to provide not only the major nutrients but also the micro nutrients so the birds achieve the standard body weight at a very high efficiency. The growth of the birds are regularly monitored for its feed intake body weight gain and compared with the standards to ensure continuous and consistent performance. The birds are fed with a well balanced nutritious diet to ensure the customer gets a juicy and succulent meat.

No Bacterial Growth

Absolute Zero pathogen content

In-house sophisticated disease diagnostics laboratory

Birds are fed with well balanced Nutritious diet