Healthy Incubation Process

The incubation process is vital to the well-being of the chick, as almost 40% of the lifetime of the bird is spent in the incubator. At Coastal Hatcheries, utmost care is taken during the incubation period for delivering a healthy chick to the Broiler Farm. Regular monitoring of growth during incubation is done by maintaining optimal Humidity, Temperature, and Ventilation in the incubation chambers. Healthy sanitary processes are practiced to ensure a clean, pathogen-free environment for the newborn chick. Once hatched, Chicks are graded and the best quality chicks are selected and are immediately dispatched to integration farms in sanitized vehicles.



Throughout incubation, overall hatching temperature is maintained steady in order to enhance the number of hatches.

The right level of humidity is ensured for developing chicks to allow them to breathe and move around.

Proper ventilation is created to increase the fresh supply of oxygen

Turning eggs allows the diffusion of gas inside eggs and between eggs and external environments.