Feed Mill

You Are What You Eat

In coastal hatcheries utmost care is taken in the diet fed to Birds. Not just in terms of composition of the diet, but also the manufacturing process. To ensure Good Manufacturing process, Feed Plant is installed using German Technology.




To start with, ingredients are well grounded following which it is steam cooked, conditioned, Pelleted and Crumbled. The finished feed is devoid of any pathogens as the pelleting is done at high temperatures.


A well-balanced ration fortified with Vitamins, Minerals and essential amino acids is designed by in house Nutritionists. Prior to processing the ingredients are tested in our well-equipped Laboratory. Only ingredients which pass the quality parameters are used for manufacturing the Poultry Feed.

The Good Manufacturing Process we follow ensures the meat customer gets is tasty, healthy and succulent.

High-quality raw materials are used to create high-quality feeds which increases meat quality.

Balanced feed containing essential amino acids, vitamins, and additives for proper digestion.

To ensure pathogen-free feeds, steam cooking is used.

Machines of the highest quality are used to achieve maximum automation.