Retail Outlets

It's No Secret Anymore

Crowded by customers, the Coastal Chicken outlets have always delivered the Juicy and tender meat as promised. Experienced employees and Highly advanced equipment's with hygiene considered as a primary output has always made us unique from the rest. We believe in providing the best meat possible to customer and our outlets plays a major role.

Retail Outlets


The well-balanced feed ensures that Coastal chicken will always have excellent flavor, tenderness, and juiciness which endears the customers to our chicken.

The high vitamin E and organic selenium in the feed ensure optimal accretion of these nutrients in the Coastal chicken meat which will ensure good immunity and disease resistance in the consumer, especially the children.

We enrich the feed with organic chromium which ensures the optimal level of chromium in our Coastal chicken which will help the diabetes patient in reducing their insulin dependence. Birds are also fed with Optimal doses of Betaine for succulent and juicy meat.