Processing Plant

Chicken Processing Facility

The Coastal Farm Poultry processing facility is spread over 15 acres area equipped with a 2000 birds per hour Chicken Processing Plant with highly advanced machinery from Marel of Netherlands. SOPs are maintained at each stage from rearing the bird to processing and to consumer for supplying safe and hygienical meat. HACCP – hazard analysis and critical control points for developing CCP (critical control point) is audited at each process for better food safety in all processes from live bird arrival till it reaches end consumer.




Arrival: Quality Birds received from integrated farms are selected ones and raised at stress free environment.

Holding The Birds:The large area is provided to birds inside the premises equipped with fens for protection from the sun, to provide comfort and welfare reasons.

Transportation of Live Birds: Well ventilated vehicle is used at coastal farms for comfort of birds. Extreme care is taken by transporting birds in specially designed plastic crates to avoid any injury and maintain carcass quality. Employees are trained in handling of birds quietly, calmly and efficiently.

Stunning Process: World class Marel Stork high frequency water bath stunner used to ensure bird welfare and carcass and meat quality.

Scalding and De-Feathering: Precise temperature is attained during scalding and de-feathering by using high tech Marel Scalder to have best quality and appearance of the meat.

Evisceration and Vent Opening: Precision vent opening before evisceration by Marel VOC without damage to the product quality. Automatic evisceration machine is used to ensure to separating offal without human intervention and maintaining hygiene in the viscera pack without cross contamination, there by ensuring clean and hygienic birds before it reaches the chiller line.

Bird Inside Outside Hygiene Cleaning : Birds are washed inside and outside using Marel ROTO Vac RS machine which ensures proper cleaning using vacuum system and without damaging the carcass.

Chilling and Grading of Birds : After evisceration birds are immediately chilled in chiller; chilled with inhouse ice plant to bring down the carcass temperature of 4°C; there by increasing the product self-life and carcass quality. Treated water is used as per FSSAI quality standards ensuring killing of microbes.

Automatic grading and weighing are done by equipment from Marel to supply customers with desired product. Further processing and cut -ups are done according to institution specification and retail outlet.

Cleaning the Facility: Water used in chicken processing plant is tested for any microbial load. Plant is designed in such a manner that microbial contamination through air, water and human touch is not possible. Regular lab testing is done to ensure hygienic and nutritionally enriched meat is supply to end consumer by strict implementation of CCP and SOP and meeting FSSAI guidelines.